NOTCH Announces Scholarship Fund for Career Advancement

RICHFORD, VT — Northern Tier Center for Health (NOTCH) is pleased to launch the NOTCH Scholarship Fund.

The fund was developed to support individuals in Northwestern Vermont who are pursuing continuing education to initiate, advance or retain expertise in their career field. Four scholarships will be awarded annually up to $2,500 each.

Executive director Kathy Benoit said NOTCH has always been committed to being socially responsible and this scholarship is just another example of that promise to positively impact local lives.

“Supporting access to education and training for all individuals is essential for our communities to thrive in this day and age,” she said. “NOTCH has had great success with supporting current staff in career advancement in our medical and dental fields and we feel it’s just as important in other fields.”

While NOTCH recognizes that most continuing education scholarship awards have already been announced for the upcoming academic year, the organization encourages eligible candidates to still apply for this year’s NOTCH scholarship.

NOTCH will accept applications through June 30, 2024, and announce awards in August of 2024. NOTCH anticipates future scholarship deadlines and award announcements will take place in the spring of each year.

This scholarship program is for anyone who is interested in advancing their career, whether they are a high school senior or already have an existing degree and/or workforce experience. The scholarship program aims to encourage continuing education for individuals interested in building or elevating their professional skills and expertise in a variety of fields that serve the local area.

The scholarship award may be used to finance college tuition fees, certification training and/or programs, professional licensing programs (e.g. commercial driver’s license), and other continuing education pathways for any field of employment. Scholarship awards will be disbursed directly to the recipients’ educational institutions, which may trigger overpayment and credit or refund to those who paid in full prior to award notification.

“We’re looking for individuals that demonstrate dedication and commitment,” Benoit said. “This can be in the form of anything from community involvement to academic excellence. Nobody with ambition should ever be held back from furthering their career path.

To learn more about the NOTCH Scholarship Fund and how to apply, click here.

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