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What is a Social Grocery and Why Does NOTCH Operate One? 

A social grocery is responsive to the needs of the community it serves. When Vista Mart announced it would be closing its Richford location in 2020, NOTCH intervened and purchased the grocery store, reopening it as the Main Street Market. Without the Main Street Market, the nearest grocery store for residents would have been 10 miles away, making Richford a rural food desert. 

The Main Street Market provides Richford and area residents with access to nutritious, fresh, and affordable food choices. For residents without transportation, the grocery store offers a place to purchase wholesome food and essential household items within walking distance. 

The Main Street Market social grocery gives community members access to resources including food programs, nutrition, and culinary education, as well as jobs offering livable wages and benefits. The Main Street Market is committed to supporting local food producers by offering a growing variety of products that are made or grown in Vermont. 

NOTCH’s social grocery is founded in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion—from the community members that serves, to its partnering organizations and vendors, to the individuals it employs.

Watch our 4-part series, Main Street Market – The Evolution of a Social Grocery

Part 1: Richford

Part 2: A Social Grocery is Born

Part 3: Food as Medicine

Part 4: Projects, Partners & Plans


To learn more, visit Main Street Market website.

location: NOTCH operates the Main Street Market, a non-profit social grocery located at 44 Main Street in Richford, Vermont.  

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